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Chanderi, a small village in the centre of India is famous for weaning one of the finest fabrics
of the country. Chanderi, traditionally used for women’s clothing offers a wide range of
Chanderi Sarees which are the best choice for any Indian woman who loves to wear the saree.
Chanderi is a traditional ethnic fabric characterized by its lightweight, sheer texture and fine
luxurious feel. Chanderi fabric is produced by weaving in silk and golden Zari in the
traditional cotton yarn that results in the creation of the shimmering texture. The fabric
borrowed its name from the town Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh itself, where traditional
weavers practice the art of producing textured sarees in cotton and silk decorated with fine
zari work. This fabric can be classified into three types – Chanderi silk cotton, pure silk and
Chanderi cotton.

All three of these are different in their unique ways. A Chanderi saree in cotton or pure silk is
a perfect outfit for any auspicious occasion while a Chanderi cotton can be worn on any
casual or day to day job. the sarees are elegant and brings grace to any woman who loves to
wear them. the lightweight fine work on the fabric is what makes it easy to carry and
comfortable to wear.

*This particular piece is created by Rimjhim (the weaver)

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