Stack Saree Wrap (Pack of 3)

Stack Saree Wrap (Pack of 3)

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By Piharwa In Saree Covers

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Description: From Travel to Outfit of the day and from luggage bags to your wardrobe, our Multipurpose Gathri Saree Covers are one of the essentials for you. Made up of 100% organic and recyclable material these Saree covers can keep your stacks of sarees organized or can help you save space in your luggage bags while keeping them safe and new.

The covers are elegantly stitched, easy to keep and are complimented with a small pouch to keep naphthalene for fresh and odor-free clothes.


Features of these covers are:

  • Gives you a organised wardrobe
  • 100% Organic
  • Size: L - 24 inch , W - 15 inch , H - 5.5 inch allows you to store minimum 5 sarees at a time
  • Ensures your sarees don’t get damaged accidentally
  • Wooden buttons that last longer
  • Eco-Friendly


You can use these covers to store

  • Silk, Linen, Cotton sarees
  • Dresses and expensive tops
  • Lehengas and Party wear
  • Shawls, Muffles, Sweaters


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