The Charm of Handloom

There's a reason why in the era of machines and artificial intelligence, handmade artefacts attract a handsome premium. The charm of uncertainty, the beauty of non-uniformity and the whiff of individuality trumps the boring standardisation that factory-made products carry. Handloom sarees truly are the flag-bearers of the handmade revolution. The process is slow, often painstaking but produces nothing but pure magic. A yarn is first carefully selected and is then treated for reeling. For the chemistry to develop between the taana and the baana, threads are distinctly mounted on the reeling machine. In fact, the baana initially requires the charkha. These are then taken to be coloured in dyes. Then the saree is woven on a handloom. The taana is held tight on the handloom while the baana moves back and across to eke out the sarees soul. The sarees are then cut manually and packed to go for final checking before they are delivered to the buyer.