Bollywood has always set fashion trends because of its glamour and extravagant presentations. The Bollywood fashion icons have influenced millions of individuals with their cultural attire choices, which range from stunning designer sarees to chic lehengas. In this blog, we'll look at how these celebrities have impacted the fashion world, especially with regard to chic bridesmaid lehengas. We'll also look into the alluring "Piharwa Collection" and how it won the hearts of fashion devotees all around the world.

The use of unusual colours is a trend that has grown in popularity. Beyond the traditional reds and pinks, Bollywood fashion celebrities have experimented with bold and vibrant hues. Nowadays, bridesmaids are choosing lehengas in hues like pastels, metallics, and even black, which creates a new and alluring aesthetic appeal. A fresh example is none other than Kiara Adwani’s wedding look, where she is proving the "less is more concept with all confidence.

Bollywood’s icon's obsession with traditional attire

Bollywood has made a major contribution to the lehenga's evolution over the years as a traditional Indian dress. We have huge style ambitions thanks to celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, and Kareena Kapoor Khan, who have rocked lehengas with elegance on various occasions. Particularly, the bridesmaids have embraced this trend, taking cues from these style leaders to develop their own distinctive and current styles. Celebrities have a big impact on fashion trends, and fans all over the globe pay close attention to the ethnic wear choices they make. Whether it's Alia Bhatt's daring ensembles or Sonam Kapoor's excellent sense of style, these celebrities have made a lasting impression with their fashion choices.

Celebrities who have embraced their cultural roots and styled traditional outfits

Rekha is the epitome of conventional elegance. Rekha's decisions are a reflection of who she is: enduring, regal, and steeped in tradition. Rekha oozes grace and charm in her trademark Kanjeevaram silk sarees. She makes a statement that is both traditional and sumptuous by accessorising her sarees with exquisite temple jewellery. Her careful attention to every last detail, including the deftly woven borders and the selection of vivid colours, demonstrates her profound appreciation of traditional Indian workmanship.

Sonam Kapoor: Bollywood's "fashionista," Sonam Kapoor, is well known for her daring and unorthodox fashion choices. She creates breathtaking outfits by skillfully fusing traditional aspects with modern fashion. Sonam has worn ethnic clothing from various parts of India, such as graceful silk sarees from South India, colourful lehengas from Rajasthan, and beautifully embroidered anarkalis from Punjab. She has become a fashion legend thanks to her attention to detail and poise in these clothes.

Kriti Sanon: Kriti frequently wears luxury lehengas and dresses, which exquisitely accentuate her statuesque form. While incorporating contemporary shapes and patterns, she loves traditional Indian textiles like luxurious brocades and handloom weaves. Kriti's drive to push the frontiers of fashion is demonstrated by her ability to experiment with various colours and textures.

Kangana Ranaut: Kangana Ranaut has become known for her daring and brazen fashion choices, and she wears traditional attire with a contemporary twist with ease. She has been seen wearing stunning lehengas, bright sarees, and ethnic-fusion outfits while consistently pushing the limits of fashion. Kangana has become a fashion inspiration for many because of her willingness to try new looks while remaining true to her traditional origins.

Deepika Padukone is renowned for having exquisite taste in clothing, and she has worn traditional garb impeccably on multiple occasions. Whether Deepika is wearing an amazing lehenga or a lovely saree, her composure and assurance highlight the genuine beauty of the ensemble. Audiences were deeply moved by her royal performance as Rani Padmavati in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's "Padmaavat," dressed in elaborately crafted Rajasthani sarees and accessorised with ethnic jewellery.

Elements of Piharwa

Trendy lehengas for bridesmaids

Many different lehenga styles that are ideal for bridesmaids have become popular thanks to Bollywood celebrities. The blending of classic and modern components is one of the most sought-after trends. For example, a bridesmaid can look great by wearing a vivid lehenga with a stylish crop top or a contemporary shirt with elaborate embroidery. The classic outfit is made both contemporary and attractive by the addition of this fusion style's modern touch.

Collection of enchanting Piharwa

The Piharwa Collection is one of the newest ethnic clothing lines with Bollywood influences. Piharwa, which translates to "beloved," is a line of ethnic clothing that is inspired by India's rich cultural past. This line is a favourite among fashion fans because it combines classic workmanship with modern styles.

The Piharwa Collection has a large selection of clothing, including gorgeous anarkalis, glitzy lehengas, and sarees with intricate embroidery. Each outfit is painstakingly made with vivid colours, luxurious fabrics, and beautiful craftsmanship. Piharwa clothing has become increasingly popular as Bollywood stars have been seen wearing it to red-carpet events, weddings, and holiday celebrations.

Embracing Ethnic Fashion in Daily Life

Beyond red carpets and special occasions, Bollywood fashion celebrities have a significant impact on trends. People are expressing their cultural history and embracing diversity by infusing ethnic features into their regular clothes. The growing demand for ethnic clothing, both in India and around the world, is proof of how popular Bollywood-inspired fashion has become.

Bollywood superstars continue to serve as an inspiration to those who care about fashion, whether they are wearing gorgeous sarees draped in original ways or lehengas covered with elaborate decorations. Their ability to wear traditional clothing with grace and confidence has earned them the title of a fashion icon. Their selection of accessories, hairstyles, and makeup further accentuate the overall ethnic appearance, serving as a thorough instruction manual for fashion fans to replicate these enduring looks. They have unquestionably had a significant impact on the fashion industry and have come to be associated with ethnic design inspiration. These celebrities have transformed how we view and appreciate ethnic design through their chic bridesmaid lehengas and their affiliation with brands like Piharwa.

We can all add a little Bollywood glitz to our ethnic wardrobes and make a fashion statement that expresses our uniqueness and appreciation for culture by taking inspiration from their legendary looks.


August 16, 2023 — Digikore Digital

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