Among the oldest clothing items in India is the saree, which is also referred to as a cultural emblem of the beauty and refinement of Indian women. Sarees are not just for traditional occasions; they can also make a great fashion statement. Sometimes it takes so much time to drape a saree that it can be a deterrent to wearing one.

A saree can be worn in several ways, from a simple look to a chic look. Here are some suggestions on how to wear your saree effectively. Depending on the saree and choice, it can always be experimental. Whether you buy pure chiffon sarees online or designer silk sarees online, It’s an outfit that's evergreen! So why not go out of your comfort zone and experiment with some original and fashionable saree drapes in 2023?

You have to make an effort to up your saree game if you are a saree enthusiast and want to elevate it to more stylish levels. Now is the time to embrace the saree, personalise it, and to make it your own. These five saree draping ideas are perfect for creating fashionable looks for any event. Get creative and show off your unique style with a fashionable and timeless saree look. ​​

5 Ways to Drape Your Saree

Here is how to wear a saree in the chicest and most current manner:

  1. Lehenga Fashion: For individuals who wish to add some volume to their saree appearance, the lehenga-style drape is perfect for them. The saree's centre is gathered into pleats, which are tucked in at the waist, and the pallu is wrapped around the waist like a lehenga.
  2. The Traditional Nivi Drape: The Traditional Nivi Drape is one of the most well-known and customary saree drapes. In this, a saree is draped over the left shoulder while being pleated at the waist, with the pallu hanging beautifully behind.
  3. The Bengali Style: For individuals who wish to add some drama to their saree's appearance, the Bengali Style drape is ideal. It entails folding the saree into interesting pleats, wrapping it around the waist, and draping the pallu over the left shoulder.
  4. The butterfly drape: The butterfly drape is a stylish and contemporary way to adorn a saree. The pallu is draped over the right shoulder, and the saree is gathered into pleats in the middle and tucked in at the waist.
  5. The Gujarati Style: Because of its feminine charm, this one has a cult following among women of all ages. Similar to the lehenga drape (Gujarati chaniya choli), the drape is worn over the right shoulder. Here, the loose end of the saree falls in the front, as opposed to the typical pallu, where it falls in the back. Quite simple to carry, the fundamental design offers several modifications.

With these five easy ways to drape your saree, you can choose the one that suits you best and look your best in no time! Except for this, anyone who enjoys wearing sarees has undoubtedly fallen for the beguiling flow and elegance of open pallus, which have an enduring appeal. They are, first and foremost, quicker and easier to drape since the trouble of pleating is gone.

creative saree drape

As a beginner, you might not be aware of it, but the modest pallu can make or break the way you appear in a saree. Here are some lovely new-age takes on pallu drapes to help you shake up the monotony of pallu drapes.

  1. Draped over the neck: You may simply drape a standard or closely pleated pallu around your neck like a stole. Ideal for wearing a jumper or coat over a saree in the winter. Intelligent when you want to flaunt a trendy, bohemian saree style.
  2. Through the blouse: A blouse with a loop or pocket that allows a nicely pleated pallu to slide through is perfect for showcasing your magnificent upper body. For instance, if you purchase a handloom silk saree online and pair it with an Angrakha blouse, this simple tweak can make the outfit appear like a million dollars.
  3. Gathered and pinned: Try it on sarees made of flexible, wrinkle-free materials. The best options are plain, bordered sarees! Choose from pure crepe, pashmina art crepe, and georgette sarees. Wrap like you would a traditional pleated saree, but don't pleat the pallu region; instead, simply collect it neatly and pin it with borders on the shoulder. Easy!
  4. Wrapped around shoulders: The open pallu is worn loosely across the shoulders, giving off a queenly look that is regal and old-world. Combine it with a pearl choker and walk with poise while wearing a georgette beauty; it is also known as the Mumtaz style.
  5. Dupatta Style: Do with a twist; after pinning, loosely drape throughout, then fold so that the borders are even. While leaving the material in between loose and flexible, pin them. See how you change into a stylish diva when you fasten a belt around your waist!

How do you wear a saree?

As it’s not just about fashion, the saree is an art that celebrates femininity and grace.

To wear a saree, you must first select the fabric and style that are best for your body shape and the situation. Then, begin by donning a blouse and petticoat that complement the colour of the saree. Then, make sure it is not too tight or loose by wrapping one end of the saree around the petticoat and around your waist. Then, fold the front of the saree into pleats by draping the other end of it over your shoulder. There are tonnes of chances to get creative!

What are some tips for draping a saree for beginners?

Here are a few pointers to get you started if you've never draped a saree before:

  1. Pick a lightweight material to make it simpler to drape.
  2. To prevent any accidents, securely secure your saree with safety pins.
  3. Invest in a high-quality, well-fitting petticoat that complements the hue of your saree.
  4. Never be afraid to try out several draperies until you discover one that you like.

Be sure to choose the right saree that suits your body type and occasion, and add some accessories to complete your look. if you're not used to it, but with practice, it can be done in as little as 5 minutes. Practice makes perfect, so don't be afraid to try different drapes until you find one that you are comfortable with. The art of draping a saree has been handed down through the centuries. You can seem more attractive and up your fashion game with the correct approach. Give your take on the unique saree drapes and hints that are here in this post; it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

August 09, 2023 — Digikore Digital

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