Lifestyle, fashion, and interior décor merge to provide customers with a single destination for all their requirements. The Piharwa Collection features a wide range of products, all designed and handcrafted to fit the unique taste of customers. From wardrobe essentials to furniture, utility products, decorative items, and accessories, Piharwa is a one-stop shopping paradise for customers.

A platform that glorifies Indian art and handloom products to promote the real artisans behind the skill— Piharwa Elements Collection . A store that started in the heart of India, Bhopal, and has now expanded into a well-reputed online website - Piharwa is changing the dynamics of lifestyle, fashion, & interior décor through its unique collection.

What's Unique About the Piharwa Collection?

Piharwa Collection offers apparel and home décor utility items. Our unique feature lies in the variety and list of products deep-rooted with Indian tradition and culture. For the apparel section, the Piharwa Collection is conscious about bringing styles, patterns, threads, and weaving techniques from across the country. This effort is to ensure that unique designs are always displayed on our website. Our goal is to make handmade products the most popular and preferred choice among our customers.

The Piharwa Collection ensures uniqueness in customers' lives through all the products listed on our website. While this collection focuses on the apparel section of promoting Indian culture through clothes, the Piharwa Element Collection targets the exquisite interior and home décor segments.

Piharwa Element Collection Details

Piharwa Elements is a collection of lifestyle and décor products developed exclusively by Piharwa. We offer the most eye-catching items that are sure to make any setting stand out at Elements of Piharwa. From furniture, metal crafts, glassware, utility products, bar accessories, and more, the website is the ideal destination.

Elements by Piharwa brings one-of-a-kind items that are rare in the interior décor market. These items are mostly handmade that cannot be found in most Indian markets and stores. Unique pieces from our store not only spark a sense of belongingness, but also a sense of wholesomeness in an interior.

Some of the categories under the Elements of Piharwa include:

Utility Products

Utility products create a long-lasting impression on a customer due to the nature of the product. These products are not only for showcasing, but they have a function to them as well. Due to the nature of these products, they are highly desirable in the market. With its beautiful design and color, the Ceramic Dispenser from the Piharwa Elements Collection is a best-seller.


Plates, bowls, cups, - dishes, and more from this category are part of the crockery section. Crockery sets are a basic necessity of every home. These can either be stored for special occasions or used regularly. Crockery sets are one of the most popular options for gifts for all occasions. At Piharwa, we offer unique items that are designer in nature and made to stand out.

Metal Crafts

Decorated items made of metal are the new trend in interior décor. In any setting, these handcrafted items will make a statement with their intricate workmanship and sculpting. It is common for metal crafts to be used as showpieces in Indian households, places where they are strategically placed to bring good fortune, wealth, and good luck.

Metal crafts are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes when placed within an interior décor, but these items are also long-lasting and sturdy.


All interior spaces deserve the best furniture products, and we at Elements of Piharwa provide the best fit for all requirements. From coffee tables, bar chairs, boho benches, and other abstract side tables, we present a variety of unique furniture. Handcrafted furniture options make any interior pop and instantly grab the attention of anyone in the room.

Our furniture items are made of the highest quality, are long-lasting, useful, and designed to be utilized to their full potential.

Ways to Improving Lifestyle, Fashion & Interior Décor

Lifestyle, or the interests, behaviors, opinions, and likes/dislikes of an individual is the way a person conducts themselves throughout their life. A way of showcasing one's lifestyle would be through their taste in different things, their choice of clothing, décor, aesthetics, and more. Fashion and the interior décor choices of customers are a reflection on their lifestyle.

Lifestyle is the way in which a person leads their life. This includes the way that they dress, their home, their social life, their habits, and more details. The way that someone goes through their day-to-day is what their lifestyle is about.

When surrounded with items and objects that make one happy, it is easy to enhance ones lifestyle. In addition to finding happiness externally, wearing comfortable clothes, giving confidence, and making one feel pretty is also part of a lifestyle change.

Reasons to Opt for the Piharwa Collection

The Piharwa Collection accurately represents the true essence of India. As an apparel & home décor utility store, there is no denying that the collection is unique and one-of-a-kind. Reasons why we think that the Piharwa Collection is the ideal choice for lifestyle, fashion, and home décor include:

  • We dedicate ourselves to glorifying and preserving our rich Indian art through the different products we offer online.
  • We believe in empowering artisans across India to collaborate and bring their craft to the spotlight through our platform.
  • Our apparel and accessories are made with the idea of empowering women. We wish to give wearers the confidence they need with every outfit.
  • Our commitment to bringing in a whiff of Bharat with every design is something we continuously want to adhere to.
  • The Piharwa Element Collection dedicates itself to bringing artistic décors and interior solutions that brighten up any space. The motto is to make a space stand out.
  • We’ve served thousands of customers across India and are the preferred destination for all things lifestyle, fashion, and interior décor.

Check out the amazing collection that we have to offer in the Piharwa Collection. We are excited to bring nothing but the latest in fashion, lifestyle, and interior décor to our customers. Check out our website!

June 06, 2023 — Digikore Digital

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