Each season has its pros and cons and the Monsoon/ rainy season is one of the favorites for the majority of us. When everything around you is so lush green and fresh, there’s something about the earthy aroma of mud in the rain. No matter how much we love the monsoon season, deciding what to wear during the rainy season is always a challenge.

Besides, getting soaked in rainwater doesn’t seem as amazing as it does in films. In reality, this may instantly turn into full chaos. Looking alluring in the rain may be difficult since you want to wear something voguish while being comfortable. And so, the fabric you choose plays a very major role.

This is the proper time to restock the racks with fresh and astounding apparel. We all are much troubled by the wet and humid season. Although the sun is not as striking during this season, the heat is present, which apparently causes sweating. Therefore, it is important to wear fabrics in this weather condition to keep you dry and cool during monsoons.

The first step towards your monsoon wardrobe is choosing the right fabric or the post-rain humidity will cause many problems. Experts suggest that one can opt for something that’s not too edgy yet is lightweight and is very easy to carry.

Cotton is an exuberant material for the humid and sticky climate as it allows air to flow in and around the skin, creating a comfortable and cooling effect while keeping you dry.

If you are ready for some skin Show this monsoon and fill your wardrobe with polyester crop tops and tees. They are chic, comfy, and perfect for the monsoon season. Instead of pairing them up with skinny-fit jeans, wear these crop tops and tees with airy cotton pants or Plazo pants instead. Put on a pair of strappy sandals or waterproof sneakers and you are good to go with your monsoon look!

This fabric can feel like silk yet is more or less similar to cotton and linen in its cool and well-ventilated construction. It also does not trap body heat and absorbs body moisture very easily.

Chambray is a great fit for the monsoon because it breathes beautifully. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and doesn’t stick to the body at all which again provides space for ventilation.

Denim is the perfect material for every season you pick and if you want to wear it right this rainy season, there is nothing better than ripped denim shorts and capris. Pick a faded pair and match it up with your graphic/oversized tees. For footwear, a pair of flip-flops or fancy sliders will surely get your monsoon look ready.

To get that unmatched outdoor look for the monsoon season, a dazzling crepe dress is just perfect. Pair it up with a pair of rubber espadrilles or a sleek rubber sandal.
Every season has some unique qualities. Now as the rain is pouring seamlessly almost every day, this is the correct time when you should change your wardrobe with a new set of outfits.
The monsoon season has a lot of drawbacks and creates a lot of ruckuses. Although the sun is no stronger in this season, the heat is in the place and this leads to sweating and a sticky feeling. In this weather condition, it is important to wear fabrics, which will keep you dry and cool during the monsoon season. Therefore, choosing the right fabric during the rainy season is highly essential.

Chiffon and nylon for a voguish look
Due to the exuberant nature of these fabrics, these are highly preferred by women of different age groups. The best thing about these fabrics is that they are really comfortable and relaxing during the rainy season. These fabrics become dry quickly and this is the majority thing that we mostly look for in any fabric during monsoon as slightly moist fabrics leave a very foul smell.
Besides, these also offer complete comfort to the wearers being loose, well ventilated, and flowy, these fabrics also make the wearer feel relaxed. But it is advisable to avoid long dresses in this season as the long dresses have a high chance of getting dirty and are also difficult to carry.

Handlooms for a varied look
This is one of the fabrics that keep the rain and sweat away. Not just comfortable but also sets your style and standards aside during the monsoon season. These days, this fabric is really popular because of the raw feel. So, in case you are planning to go for an outdoorsy day in the monsoon season, then this is the perfect fabric that you can opt for.

Cotton for dry and relaxing wear
Cotton is the most reliable and go-to fabric for the rainy season. And this looks striking as well. Besides, being an airy and ventilated fabric, it doesn’t soak water and soared you from the sticky feeling.
But the real challenge isn’t choosing cotton but it’s choosing the right garment. For example, it is necessary for the kids to wear cotton clothes. On the other hand, the rainy season is best known for women flaunting their dresses. But it is important to choose free-flowing cotton dresses instead of body-hugging dresses to keep away from sweat.
Bright-coloured cotton is the right choice for this season. Trousers should be avoided at all costs. For the young adults and office goers, it is best to opt for three-four length cotton trousers.
For a party, choosing cotton sarees will be a stylish and welcoming change. Cotton tees are the best way to keep the men comfortable and satisfied.

Rayon for comfort and style
Rayon looks like silk and has similar features to linen and cotton because of the airy and cool construction. The fabric also absorbs moisture easily without trapping the body heat. Rayon dries quickly which prevents extreme sweating in humid weather.

Poly cotton for a comfortable and beautiful look
This is the best choice you can make for yourself during the rainy season. Being a mix of polyester and cotton, the poly-cotton dresses get much less wrinkled compared to the pure cotton ones. Another great thing about this fabric is that it never clings to the user’s body and therefore looks and feels comfortable even in the monsoon season. Poly cotton is available in different prints and pastel colours.

Denim for an elite look
Although this fabric is not that comfortable and is a thick fabric which takes time to dry, this is actually a practical option for the monsoon. Denim is capable of resisting slush and muck like no other fabric.
It is advised to wear denim when it rains rigorously and when other outfits get damaged or drenched. Besides, the denim looks really stylish and you can even pair it up with loose tees. And no matter how you contemplate this look, you will be able to ace this look completely.

Silk for beauty and comfort
Often we don’t consider silk fabric a good option for the rainy season. But silk can help a lot in reducing all the anxieties related to the monsoon season wardrobe collection.
The best thing about silk fabric is that it is available in many different varieties. So, you can choose from art silk, crepe silk, cotton mix silk, pure silk, raw silk, kosa silk, or tussar silk per your preference.
Silk is the perfect match among the fabrics to choose from during monsoon as this stays fresh for a long time. And even if it becomes wet; it is possible to make it dry super quickly. So, whether you are a man or woman, silk is the right fabric that you can choose for comfort, style, and beauty.

Mul to stay evergreen
Mul is a fabric, lighter, softer, and easy to carry than cotton but is also highly effective for the monsoon season. Commonly, people wear Mul cholis, and lehengas but in the monsoon season, the Mul sarees and salwar look outstanding and these also help to keep you airy and well ventilated. So, Mul mcan be a perfect match of style and comfort!

Chambray for breathable attires
Chambray is the perfect choice for gloomy rainy days as this fabric can beautifully breathe. This fabric is light and gives a summer vibe and therefore this doesn’t get stuck to the body.

Monsoons in India are aggressive and with the heavy rain that pours down on us, getting drenched in the heavy rains is inevitable and so is the tedious process of dealing with wet clothes. The debris on your clothes are higher in the monsoon and if not washed properly, the clothes continue carrying them. How will you prevent the moisture and odour from playing the spoilsport during this season?
Here are 6 tried and tested tips for you to keep your clothes clean and fresh during the monsoons with your regular home laundry appliances.

Wash them immediately
Piling up your clothes in the laundry bag or the washing machine would be a terrible idea during the monsoons, it’s highly advised to directly put them to wash as soon as you get home.
This makes sure that all dirt is washed off in a jiffy and that there is no smell that stays on your fabrics. You need to have a great washing machine to keep up with the loads and loads of clothes during monsoons; to make your job easier.

Iron away the moisture
How often do you start to fold your clothes after drying and still find that last bit of moisture in them? Often it happens with huge fabrics like bed sheets and Indian sarees. to ensure that the fabrics are completely free of moisture, iron them as quickly as you can. There you go, clean washed, amazing fresh smelling, and pressed clothes.

Use Camphor balls
Does the bad smell from the clothes, the footwear, the carpets, umbrellas bug you during the monsoons? The reason being that the moisture in the air adds to this and makes it worse. The simplest way to make sure that your clothes smell fresh is to keep a few camphor balls in your closet. These absorb the moisture in the air as well as ensure your clothes have a pleasant fragrance.

Use scented detergent
A hack that can change your life is using a scented detergent. There’s a plethora to choose from today, so run down to your local store and pick your favourite fragrance. The detergent will not only give your clothes a thorough wash but will also ensure that there is no lingering unpleasant odour on them.

Allow the clothes to dry completely
We would love it if the clothes would dry up as quickly as they get wet, right? During this process, you need to be patient. You can dry the clothes partially while they are still in the washing machine. You need to ensure that the clothes are dry before folding them. This helps to keep the clothes fresh and dirt free.

Deodorize your washing machine
On the subject of foul smells and how one can get rid of them, listen to a smart hack to deodorize your washing machine. If you have a washing machine simply add some baking powder to the drum and put set the machine on “normal wash” a normal wash. This cleans the washing machine thoroughly as well as soaks up any foul smell that exists inside the drum leaving the drum fresh and clean for the next wash.
The monsoon season can be a great time to experiment with fashion. There are so many different looks you can go for, from chic and sophisticated to fun and flirty. With a little bit of styling, you can still look fabulous even when the weather isn’t cooperating. So don’t let the monsoon season get you down, explore different fashion styles and have fun with it. This guide provides essential tips for staying fabulous during the monsoon season. Be sure to check out the monsoon collection launched by piharwa. And don’t forget to share this guide with fashion enthusiasts.

June 03, 2023 — Digikore Digital

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