There are various types of Paithani silk sarees you can choose from, If you are wondering where you can get an authentic Paithani silk saree online, then here at Sacred Weaves, you can access a vast range of collections. Piharwa has an online shop that has a large range of beautiful paithani sarees which are comfortable as well as fashionable to choose from. Check out the gorgeous collections from piharwa for bridal sarees, designer sarees, bridal dresses, traditional clothes, dupattas, paithani sarees, kanjivaram sarees, banarasi sarees, silk sarees, and much more.

These sarees are made of yarns that are dyed by natural colors. Usually, you will only be able to find them in basic colors such as Red, English Vine, Sky Blue, Green, Jet Black & Royal Orange. Look is the best way to tell the difference between real paithani silk sarees and the many counterfeit ones available in the market. A Paithani saree is considered one of the richest when it comes to workmanship and design. The elaborate zari patterns provide sharpness to these saree which makes them clearly stand out from the crowd.

This popular silk saree is named after Paithan Town, Aurangabad, the Maharashtra state of India where sarees are woven by hand which was under the Aurangzeb raj. Today, Maharashtra is home to most of the famous textiles such as the Paithani saree, and gold-embroidered zari sarees, which are beautifully designed with weaving on Paithani saree borders. Weaved in pure silk and pure metal gold/silver zari, the Paithani saree is the ultimate favorite of royals and nobles..

June 03, 2023 — Digikore Digital

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