Double Wall Glass Cup - Set of 2

Tea or coffee, hot or cold, these beauties cradle comfort in every sip.


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Double-walled elegance meets effortless ease. Shimmering transparency showcases your favorite brews, while the comfort-grip design warms hands and hearts. Durable beauty, built for hot or cold, these cups elevate every sip.

Microwave to mug, dishwasher to dream. These beauties streamline your day with effortless style. A perfect gift for tea and coffee lovers, they bring sophistication to every occasion.

From soothing chai to zingy latte, your perfect partners. Savor every sip, warm or cool, embraced by comfort and elegance. Let these captivating companions write your daily stories.

Set Contains: 2 cups

Weight: 550gms 

Material: Glass

Care Instructions: Hand wash individually

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Priya Joshi
A daily dose of happiness in every sip

I didn't know a cup could bring so much joy! From the way the light dances through the glass to the feel of the smooth curves in my hands, these beauties spark something special. They're more than just cups, they're a tiny slice of happiness in my day. My morning just got a whole lot brighter, one sip at a time!

Neha Kapoor
Eco-warrior sips in style

As someone who loves chai and hates waste, these cups are a dream come true. They keep my drinks perfectly hot or cold, so I can ditch the paper cups and the microwave. Plus, the comfort grip feels like giving my hands a hug with every sip, and the sleek design doesn't hurt either. Win-win for me and the planet!

Meenakshi Shah
Weekend coffee evenings just got classier

My Friday night ritual always involved coffe and Netflix in bed. Now, it involves these elegant double-walled glasses. My shot of Espresso stays perfectly warm, no more burning my fingers! And the sophisticated look makes me feel like I'm sipping in a fancy cafe, even if I'm just in my PJs.

Priyanka Desai
The perfect birthday gift for my chai-loving grandma

My grandma practically lives on chai. So, for her birthday, I skipped the boring sari and got her these double-walled cups. Her eyes lit up when she saw them! Now, her morning chai stays hot throughout her gossip sessions with the aunties, and the elegant design looks just as good in her hand as her gold bangles.

Rahul Kumar
Latte art? Hold my chai latte

I take my chai lattes seriously, and these clear cups are a game-changer! Watching my frothy milk designs swirl through the glass is like watching a latte masterpiece unfold. The comfort grip lets me steady my hand for those intricate latte hearts, and the dishwasher-safe convenience is a godsend after my morning ritual. My friends think I'm a barista pro now!