Modern Ribbed Ceramic Jar with Bird Knob

Charming ribbed jar with a swan / bird handle



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Elegant & Versatile: This stunning teal jar boasts intricate ribbing and a golden swan handle, adding a touch of timeless sophistication to any kitchen or dining space. Ideal for storing essentials like salt, sugar, or coffee, it doubles as a charming centerpiece filled with candies.

Swan-like Sophistication: The intricate ribbed texture adds depth and dimension, while the golden swan handle elevates the design to a new level of sophistication. This graceful detail is both functional and visually striking, making the jar a true conversation piece.

Effortless Style: Crafted from high-quality porcelain, this jar's easy-to-clean design ensures effortless maintenance. Its affordability makes it a thoughtful and budget-friendly gift for any occasion.

Multifunctional Delight: Harmoniously blending utility and aesthetics, this versatile jar elevates your home with a touch of elegance. Store everyday essentials or fill it with colorful candies for a delightful centerpiece.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mira Khanna

This jar is a perfect blend of classic and contemporary. The ribbed texture and swan handle have a timeless appeal, while the high-quality porcelain and easy-to-clean design make it perfect for modern living. It's a versatile piece that I can use for years to come.

Mohan Bhatt

This jar is my kitchen pride! It stores my dry ingredients beautifully, but it also shines as a centerpiece filled with colorful candies. The swan handle adds a touch of whimsy, and the ribbed texture makes it visually interesting. It's a versatile piece that I use and love every day.

Rupa Dutta

I was looking for a unique and useful gift for my friend's housewarming, and this jar was the perfect choice! They love the elegant design and the handy swan handle. It's a gift that they'll use and admire for years to come.

Alia Upasani

This jar isn't just practical, it's just so beautiful too! The intricate ribbing and golden swan handle add a touch of elegance to my kitchen counter. It stores my coffee beans beautifully, and when filled with candies, it becomes a stunning centerpiece.

Vinay Pawar

This jar is more than just storage; it's a statement piece! The intricate ribbing adds depth, and the golden swan handle is like a crown on top. It elevates my everyday essentials like salt and pepper to a whole new level, making even simple tasks feel more enjoyable.