Lakshmi Ganesh Brass Idol

Auspicious brass Lakshmi Ganesh idol, handcrafted for blessings.

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Description: Meticulously crafted in pure brass, this Lakshmi Ganesh idol embodies harmony and prosperity. Its intricate carvings and divine aura bring blessings to any space.

Design: Intricate carvings grace this small, pure brass idol of Lakshmi and Ganesh, exuding timeless beauty.

Gifting: Share prosperity and blessings with this exquisite Lakshmi Ganesh idol - a perfect gift for Diwali, housewarmings, and new beginnings.

Dimensions: 6" X 3"

Weight: 1300gms

Material: Brass

Care Instructions: Dry Wipe

Customer Reviews

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Nikita Padwal
Small But Mighty: A Portable Blessing

This miniature Lakshmi Ganesh idol might be small, but its impact is mighty. I carry it in my purse, a constant reminder of their blessings and guidance wherever I go. Whether facing a challenging meeting or navigating through a crowded city, their presence keeps me calm and centered.

Anjali Saxena
Bringing Family Together: A Shared Connection

Our family gathers every Sunday for a small puja, and this Lakshmi Ganesh idol takes center stage. The intricate details invite us to focus, and the blessings they embody strengthen our bond. It's more than just an idol; it's a symbol of our shared faith and a precious heirloom we'll cherish for generations.

Priya Sharma
Gift that Keeps on Giving: Celebrating Milestones

This Lakshmi Ganesh idol has become my go-to gift for every occasion. From graduations to birthdays, it's a thoughtful way to shower my loved ones with blessings and auspicious beginnings. The joy on their faces when they receive it makes it even more special, knowing I'm gifting a piece of peace and prosperity.

Bringing Grace to My Workspace

My office mini-temple isn't complete without this charming Lakshmi Ganesh idol. Their miniature forms radiate divine energy, reminding me to approach my work with wisdom and grace. Their presence keeps me grounded and focused, turning my workspace into a sanctuary of productivity and good vibes.

Rohan Kumar
From Yoga Flow to Meditation Glow

This Lakshmi Ganesh idol presides over my yoga space, their serene faces guiding me through every flow. The pure brass emanates grounding energy, while the intricate details inspire mindful focus. After each session, I find myself lingering in peaceful meditation, enveloped in their divine presence.