Brass Kalpvruksha (small)

Brass brilliance, timeless tales - a gift of auspicious inspiration.


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Description: This brass handcrafted Kalpavriksha stands as a majestic embodiment of aspirations and the timeless beauty of myth. As it stands tall in its captivating splendor, it bridges the gap between ancient legends and contemporary aspirations.

Usage: This beautiful Kalpavriksha is ideal for Corporate Gift, Momento, Housewarming and Manifestation.

Height: 9.5"

Weight: 900 gms

Material: Brass

Care Instructions: Dry Wipe

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Heena Khan
My Boss' Approval, Wrapped in Mythical Elegance!

Landing this promotion was tough, but my presentation got a magical boost thanks to this Kalpavriksha! Its gleaming branches mirrored my ambition, the flickering flames reflecting my passion. My boss was spellbound, impressed by the unique gift and my presentation. This isn't just a tea light holder, it's a lucky charm, a symbol of success that's found a permanent place on my desk.

Karan Kapoor
My Wedding Gift, a Beacon of Togetherness!

My wife was speechless when I presented her with this Kalpavriksha at our wedding. Its intertwining branches symbolized our merging lives, the flickering flames mirroring the warmth of our love. It wasn't just a gift, it was a promise whispered in golden light, a reminder that our dreams will grow together like the mythical tree. Now, it sits on our mantelpiece, a testament to our journey and a beacon of hope for the future.

Meera Nath
A Gift from Abroad, a Bridge to Home!

Living overseas can be lonely, a constant yearning for the warmth of home. This Kalpavriksha bridges that gap! Its golden branches reach towards the familiar constellations, the flickering flames mirroring the glow of diyas back in India. It's a tangible piece of home, a symbol of memories and loved ones held close. It's more than a decoration, it's a comfort in the distance, a whispered promise that roots can stretch across oceans and dreams find their way back.

Jai Atmaram
A Treasure Found in the Flickering Glow!

As an antique collector, I've seen beauty in many forms. But this Kalpavriksha? It's a masterpiece! The handcrafted details whisper of ancient artistry, the dancing flames reflecting stories untold. My guests are mesmerized, drawn into the captivating aura it creates. It's more than an ornament, it's a conversation starter, a treasure that sparks imagination and ignites the spirit of exploration.

Roshni Sharma
Mythical Glow Graces My Home!

This isn't just a tea light holder, it's a portal to a shimmering world of wishes! The intricately etched brass Kalpavriksha shimmers with every flickering flame, casting captivating shadows that dance like blessings. My living room feels like a magical haven now, where dreams whisper amidst the golden glow. This isn't just a gift, it's an enchantment!