Aqua Splash Multi color Glasses - Set of 6

Six aqua swirls glasses - sip in style, from sherbet to soiree.

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Description: Dazzle your guests with the Aqua Splash glassware set! Handcrafted with a captivating swirl of aqua blue, each glass seamlessly transitions from everyday use to elegant soirees. Durable and crystal-clear, they're perfect for sipping water, relishing sherbet, or showcasing any beverage in vibrant style.

Design: These finely crafted glasses not only offer exceptional clarity but also boast a unique and eye-catching abstract striped splash of aqua blue, infusing a touch of contemporary artistry into your dining and entertaining experiences. 

Usage: Make every moment special with the Aqua Splash set. Their versatile charm complements casual family meals and adds a touch of artistic flair to sophisticated gatherings. Easy to clean and maintain, these six glasses are a beautiful and practical addition to any home, ready to elevate your everyday and celebrate every occasion.

Set Contains: 6 glasses

Capacity: 100ml

Weight: 350gms per glass, 2.1kg for the set

Material: Glass

Care Instructions: Hand wash individually

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Priya Joshi
From Chai Rituals to Fancy Soirees

These beauties have become my go-to for everything! The double-walled design keeps my chai warm and cozy, while the clear glass lets me appreciate the latte art in my fancy coffee. They're surprisingly light and comfortable to hold, and they look stunning on my table. Love the eco-friendly packaging too!

Zoya Khan
Swirling with Joy

My kitchen just got a whole lot happier with these Aqua Splash glasses! The vibrant colors add a pop of cheer, and the comfortable design makes every sip a pleasure. They're perfect for everyday use, yet elegant enough for special occasions. My friends and family can't get enough of them, and I love watching their faces light up when I serve them drinks in these beauties. Cheers to Aqua Splash!

Akash Malhotra
A Pop of Color

These Aqua Splash glasses are the perfect addition to my modern kitchen. The design is eye-catching without being over the top, and they're the perfect size for everything from water to cocktails. Bonus points for being dishwasher safe!

Maya Raj
More Than Just Glasses, It's an Experience

These Aqua Splash glasses are more than just beautiful tableware; they're an experience. Holding them feels like a mini spa treatment, and the way the light catches the swirling design is mesmerizing. They've become my favorite way to enjoy any drink, from morning water to evening cocktails. Ramji's blessings on these beauties!

Riya Singh
My everyday glasses

These glasses are like a little piece of art for my table! The swirling aqua blue is mesmerizing, and they make even water feel special. They're surprisingly sturdy for hand-blown pieces, and they clean up like a dream. Definitely recommend!