Videp tape bookend

Retro videotape bookends: Organize your shelf with a blast from the past

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Retro Videotape Bookends: A Blast from the Past for Your Bookshelf

Calling all Retro Lovers: Attention vintage enthusiasts and pop-culture fanatics! Take your bookshelf back to the golden age of entertainment with these totally tubular videotape bookends.

Functional and Fun: These bookends are more than just a nostalgic trip. They're functional and fun! Keep your favorite novels and comics neatly organized while showcasing your love for all things retro.

Conversation Starters: Guaranteed to spark memories of movie nights with friends and the satisfaction of a perfectly rewound tape, these bookends are sure to be conversation starters.

Dimensions: Height: 7.5 inches, Width: 5 inches

Wash Care: Wet wipe with cotton cloth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Taking Me Back to Sleepovers

These videotape bookends take me right back to childhood sleepovers! The packaging was excellent, and they arrived in perfect condition. The brown and white design is so classic, and it brings back so many memories of renting movies with friends. They hold up my collection of coming-of-age novels with ease, and they're a reminder of the power of stories to transport us.

Priya Sharma
A Touch of Whimsy for My Child's Room

My child is too young to remember the VHS era, but they love these videotape bookends! The packaging was excellent, and they arrived safely. The bright white color with pops of black text is eye-catching and playful, and the design is a great conversation starter. They hold up their collection of colorful children's books with ease, and they add a touch of whimsy to their room.

Maya Singh
Organization with a Dose of Nostalgia

Keeping my office organized can be a challenge, but these videotape bookends make it fun! The packaging was excellent, and they arrived safely. The brown and white color scheme adds a touch of nostalgia to my workspace, and the realistic design is a fun conversation starter with clients. The sturdy construction allows them to hold even my heavy art books, keeping everything neatly organized.

Sonia Malhotra
A Gift They'll Never Forget

I bought this set of videotape bookends as a housewarming gift for my friends, and they absolutely love them! The packaging was very secure, ensuring a safe arrival. The realistic design, complete with the worn look of a well-loved VHS tape, is a fun and unique touch. They use them on their bookshelf to hold their favorite childhood movies, and it adds a touch of nostalgia to their new home.

Arjun Verma
More Than Bookends, They're Conversation Starters

These videotape bookends are more than bookends, they're conversation starters! The packaging was excellent, and they arrived safely. The brown and white design is instantly recognizable, and it sparks so many memories with anyone who sees them. They hold up my collection of music biographies with ease, and they always lead to discussions about favorite bands and concerts from the video era.