Pichwai Wooden Storage Box

Bring the vibrant beauty of Meenakari art into your home with this stunning wooden storage box.

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Hand-painted with colorful floral designs, this box is perfect for storing jewelry, keepsakes, or any other small treasures. The intricate details and rich colors of the Meenakari art make this box a truly unique and special piece.

  • Unveil a treasure trove: This positions the box as more than just storage, but a container of hidden gems Vibrant dance of Meenakari colors: Creates a vivid image of the artwork's beauty.
  • Whispers tales of Rajasthan's rich heritage: Connects the box to a larger cultural story. Nestled within, keep your precious trinkets: Creates a sense of intimacy and value for what's stored inside.
  • Embraced by meticulous hand-painted artistry: Highlights the craftsmanship and quality of the box.
  • Captivating confluence of beauty and function: Positions the box as both aesthetically pleasing and practical.
  • Heirloom in the making: Suggests the box's potential to become a cherished family item.

Dimensions: Height: 3, Width: 5, Length: 8
Wash Care: Wet wipe with cotton cloth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kiran Thakkar
The Perfect Gift for My Sister

My sister's birthday is coming up, and I wanted to get her a gift that was both beautiful and meaningful. This wooden storage box seemed like the perfect choice! The hand-painted floral design is stunning, and the rich color are truly eye-catching. The box itself feels very well-made, and the craftsmanship is impressive. The packaging was very secure, ensuring it arrived safely. The size is ideal for her to store jewelry or other small treasures. I know she'll love the beauty and cultural significance of this box.

Sakshi Krishnamurthy
A Burst of Color on My Dresser

This wooden storage box is an absolute delight! The hand-painted floral designs are so vibrant and colorful, they instantly brighten up my entire dresser. The intricate details are stunning, and the craftsmanship is top-notch. The size is perfect for storing my everyday jewelry pieces, and it adds a touch of cultural flair to my room. I can definitely see myself gifting one of these to my friends and family - it's a truly special piece.