Wooden Elephant stool Brass fitted

Unleash the Majesty and Mystery of the Brass-Fitted Elephant Stool.


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Bring a touch of whimsical charm and worldly character to your home with the Brass-Fitted Elephant Stool. This unique and handcrafted piece is more than just furniture; it's a conversation starter and a captivating accent piece that sparks the imagination.

  • A Timeless Symbol of Strength and Luck: The stool features the iconic form of an elephant, meticulously sculpted and polished to a warm shine. In many cultures, elephants symbolize strength, wisdom, and good luck - bringing a touch of positive energy to your space.
  • Gleaming Brass Accents: Ornate brass fittings adorn the elephant's saddle and around its legs, adding a touch of sophistication and regal flair.
  • A Functional Perch: This versatile stool is the perfect size for extra seating, a unique plant stand, or even a whimsical side table.
  • This isn't just a stool: It's a conversation starter and a captivating focal point. Imagine the compliments it will receive, the stories it will inspire. It's a timeless treasure, a piece that transcends trends and adds a touch of whimsy and global character to any home with a sense of adventure.

Dimensions: Height 14", Width 14"

Customer Reviews

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Anisha Ahuja
Regal Perch for My Plants

It's absolutely stunning the elephant design is so regal and majestic. The warm wood finish complements my existing furniture beautifully. The size is perfect. It elevates the plant and adds a touch of whimsy to the corner of my living room. The quality is excellent the wood feels very sturdy, and the craftsmanship is top-notch. It arrived very well-packed and undamaged.