Revolutionary Mirror Jar: Hydrated in Style!



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Introducing our innovative Glass Jar, the ultimate companion for staying hydrated throughout the day.

Sleek and Stylish: crafted from premium, shatterproof glass, our Glass Jar boasts a chic finish, making it a statement piece on any table or desk. Embrace the art of drinking water with a touch of sophistication.

Eco-friendly & Reusable: Sat goodbye to single-use plastic bottles. Our Glass Jar is eco-conscious, reusable, and easy to clean, promoting sustainable living while keeping your water fresh and pure.

Height: 9.5 Inch

Diameter: 3.5 Inch

Material: Glass

Shape: Cylindrical


Weight: 700gms

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ishika Chatterjee

Feeling good has never tasted so good! This jar makes staying hydrated easy and enjoyable. The water tastes pure, the design is sleek, and it makes my counter look great. Cheers to this jar!

Anu Bhardvaj

As a freelancer, staying focused means staying hydrated. This jar sits proudly on my desk, reminding me to sip throughout the day. The clean lines and cool glass look amazing, and it's easy to keep refilled.

Mina Nayek

Forget boring water bottles! This glass jar is my new hydration hero. It's sleek, stylish, and makes even plain water look fancy.

Arjun Panikkar

This jar is my new gym companion! It's durable and holds up to my workouts, and the clear glass helps me track my water intake. Plus, the design is sleek and modern, making it a good match for my gym bag.

Sohan Mollya

I'm not usually one for fancy water bottles, but this jar caught my eye. It's simple, clean, and looks great on my counter. Plus, it's easy to wash and reuse, which is a win-win.