Old ship print book style storage box_(2pcs)


This vintage book storage box that beautifully marries functionality and nostalgia, featuring an evocative print of a sailing boat. Tailored for book lovers, it's an ideal gift that serves as a sanctuary for precious volumes. This pocket-friendly gem carries the sentiment of a cherished teacher's day present or a thoughtful gift for grandparents to safeguard their religious books. With its sailing boat motif, it captures the spirit of adventure and contemplation, making it a meaningful and timeless addition to any bookshelf or space.

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Product Details

Width: 12 Inch
Length: 8 Inch
Weight: 1700 gms

Care Guide

Dry Wipe


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Customer Reviews

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Double the Nautical Fun!

I wasn't sure if I just needed one book box, but I'm so glad I went with the two-pack! These old ship print boxes are just too charming. The design is so well-done, and the grey color is a nice neutral that goes with everything. They're the perfect size for some of my favorite first edition novels. The boxes feel very sturdy and well-made, and they arrived securely packaged. I love having them displayed on my bookshelf - they add a touch of nautical flair to the room.

Aapti R
A Treasure Trove for My Grandparents

My grandparents have a collection of beautiful religious texts that deserved a special place to be stored. These old ship print book boxes were the perfect solution! The design is elegant and timeless, with the grey color complementing their living room decor perfectly. The boxes themselves are well-made and feel quite sturdy. They were thrilled to receive them, and it makes them happy to see their treasured books displayed in such a unique and stylish way.