Handcrafted Pure Brass Peacock Camphor Diya

Handcrafted brass camphor diya - beauty, serenity, and abundance for rituals.

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Timeless Beauty: This handcrafted brass diya features a captivating peacock, radiating elegance in your sacred space.

Light & Tranquility: Light a camphor flame, find inner peace, and connect deeply with each use.

Meaningful Gift: Share the gift of devotion and beauty. Perfect for spiritual souls, housewarmings, or any occasion.

Customer Reviews

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Lallita Grover
More Than Just a Diya, It's a Legacy

This diya isn't just a beautiful object, it's a reminder of my heritage. The peacock symbol, the intricate carvings, the soft glow of the camphor - it all connects me to my ancestors and traditions. It's a piece I'll cherish and pass down to my children, keeping our cultural flame alive.

Ajit Chopra
A Gift of Light and Gratitude

My friend was going through a tough time, so I sent them this diya as a silent message of support. The warmth of the light and the intricate beauty of the peacock seemed to lift their spirits. They told me it's a reminder of hope and new beginnings, a beacon of light in their darkness.

Pallab Singh
A Flickering Gem for My Puja Room!

This peacock diya isn't just beautiful, it's like a mini work of art! The intricate carving shimmers in the soft glow of the camphor, creating a magical atmosphere in my puja room. It's more than just a diya, it's a conversation starter that leaves everyone mesmerized.

Aishwarya Khurana
Diwali Celebrations Elevated!

This diya was the star of my Diwali decorations! The peacock's feathers seemed to dance in the firelight, adding a touch of elegance and tradition to the festivities. It wasn't just a source of light, it was a symbol of prosperity and blessings for the year ahead.

Rohan Desai
More Than Just Camphor, It's Serenity!

I'm not very religious, but this diya has a calming effect on me. The flickering light dances on the intricate peacock design, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that soothes my soul after a long day. It's a reminder to slow down, appreciate beauty, and find peace in the simple things.