Brass Handcrafted Aarti Diya with Handle

Handcrafted brass diya - radiant devotion, exquisite beauty, timeless gift.


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Radiate Devotion with Handcrafted Brass Diya: Pure brass, hand-carved with exquisite detail, this diya illuminates your spiritual moments with stunning radiance. Its beauty goes beyond light, encapsulating tradition and captivating the senses.

Share Devotion & Light: Embrace sacred rituals with this captivating piece. Light a flame, connect with the divine, and share the timeless elegance with thoughtful gifts.

Exquisite Carvings, Enriching Presence: Delicate patterns whisper stories of devotion. Its timeless design adorns your space, evoking tranquility and enriching your spiritual journey.

Spoon Diameter : 3.5 Inch
Length : 11 Inch
Care Guide: Dry Wipe

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Khushi Kala

This diya isn't just functional, it's a statement piece! The intricate design and gleaming brass add a touch of elegance to any room. It sparks conversations about culture and tradition, making it more than just a decorative object.

Banhi Saran

As a yoga teacher, I use this diya to create a calming atmosphere for my students. The soft glow and intricate patterns focus the mind and enhance the meditative experience. It's a powerful tool for connecting inwards.

Uma Kulkarni

This diya isn't just beautiful, it brings a sense of serenity to my home. The warm glow and intricate carvings create a sacred space for my daily prayers. It's more than a diya, it's a reminder of my inner light.

Anisha Kota

As an artist, I find inspiration in unexpected places. This diya, with its delicate carvings and symbolic beauty, has sparked new ideas and ignited my creativity. It's more than just a diya; it's a muse for my soul.

Inika Dugal

My apartment can get pretty hectic, but this diya creates a mini zen zone in my bedroom. Lighting it before bed brings a sense of calm and helps me unwind. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and the brass gleams beautifully in the soft light.