Handcrafted Pure Brass Camphor Diya

Handcrafted brass camphor diya - beauty, serenity, and abundance for rituals.

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Handcrafted Brass Camphor Diya: Rituals Enhanced, Abundance Embraced: This exquisite brass camphor diya, meticulously crafted by hand, brings a touch of artistry to your spiritual practice. Its intricate design elevates every ritual, while the gentle camphor flame uplifts prayers and fosters a sense of deep tranquility.

Deep Connection, Inner Peace: Embrace reflection and devotion with this essential companion. Beyond illumination, it removes negativity and welcomes abundance, enriching your spiritual journey.

Handcrafted Beauty, Timeless Meaning: Intricate details tell a story of faith and tradition. This unique diya, both beautiful and purposeful, makes a meaningful gift for any spiritual soul.

Diameter diya : 2.5 Inch
Width : 4 Inch
Height : 3 Inch
Care Guide : Dry Wipe

Customer Reviews

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Chandan Parekh
More Than a Diya, It's a Conversation Starter

This diya is a magnet for curious questions! The unique design and cultural significance spark conversations about heritage, craftsmanship, and traditions with everyone who sees it. It's more than just a decorative piece; it's a bridge between cultures and generations.

Chitra Rajalu
More Than a Diya, a Diwali Tradition Ignited

Diwali is about carrying forward traditions, and this diya embodies that beautifully. The handcrafted design tells a story of our heritage, passed down through generations. Lighting it fills our home with the warm glow of not just the camphor, but also of cultural pride and shared memories. It's a diya that keeps our traditions alive.

Rohan Desai
Gifting Beauty and Serenity to My Friend

Finding the perfect gift for my stressed-out friend was tough, but this diya came to the rescue. The calming glow and serene vibe immediately brought a sense of peace to her space. It's a reminder of my support and a beautiful addition to her home, even beyond the occasion.

Ratna Anand
Diwali Delights Delivered on Time!

This hand-crafted diya arrived just in time for Diwali, like a shining beacon amidst the festive flurry! My friends were thrilled with this thoughtful gift, and it added a touch of elegance to their puja room.

Nila Acharya
A Touch of Magic in My Spa Rituals

Taking a relaxing bath just got an upgrade with this diya. The soft glow and calming fragrance transform my bathroom into a mini spa. It's the perfect finishing touch to my self-care rituals, leaving me feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.